50mm x 50mm ceramic tiles advantages for commercial spaces

Typically, commercial spaces such as offices, shops, and shopping malls are covered by ceramic tiles that flooring sizes like 50mm x 50mm, the popularity of these tiles is because of their advantages such as different types and patterns. Here we are going to talk about them.

50mm x 50mm ceramic tiles with the square format should give the finishing touch to your office furnishings, by tiling the walls and the floor with professionalism and style. A ceramic tile with 50mm x 50mm is a versatile option for commercial flooring.

If you’re considering new flooring for your business, tile is an elegant material that you could use in virtually any room, especially in high-traffic rooms such as entryways, bathrooms, and kitchen spaces.

Different types of commercial ceramic tile flooring with 50mm x 50mm: Ceramic Tile, Natural Stone Effect Tiles, Glass Tile, and Concrete Tile:

Tiled flooring such as ceramic tile, natural stone, glass, and concrete creates a beautiful atmosphere of quality for any facility. The flooring option impacts the aesthetic feel of the environment and assists with the room’s decor.

But how do you choose from the multitude of options? Take a look at the pros and cons of these 4 tiled flooring options to help you decide what’s right for your building! Ceramic Tile:

Ceramic tile is one the best, most affordable, durable flooring options available on the market. Constructed out of clay, water, and minerals, then fired at high temperatures, ceramic tile has dense construction that allows it to withstand wet areas, especially public restrooms. Given its nonporous surface, it doesn’t absorb moisture or bacteria.

Ceramic tile can be glazed with virtually any color to match the room’s decor, and organized in the design of your choice. This flooring option like 50mm x 50mm greatly contributes to a room’s visual appeal.

Porcelain tile (a type of ceramic tile) is fired at an even higher temperature than ceramic tile, making it denser and even more durable.

Once again, porcelain tile can display any color and pattern and holds up just as well as ceramic tile in high-traffic areas.

Natural Effect Stone Tile: Natural stone tiles, especially marble tile, one of the most popular options for natural stone flooring, have a magnificent texture that creates an aura of wealth and sophistication.

As a heavier tile, natural stone is fairly versatile and can be used in foyers, waiting areas, and conference rooms. Because natural stone flooring is porous, it’s harder to clean and maintain.

Spills usually leave noticeable stains behind, so it’s not recommended for wet areas like public bathrooms. The surface can easily get scratched or damaged by water, so it must be resealed about every 10 years.

You won’t find many deep cleaning solutions for marble floors, so you’ll likely have to hire a stone restoration professional, an added expense.

Aesthetically, no two tiles are exactly the same, so you won’t get a perfectly uniform color/design. Glass Tile: Glass tiles are popular for sink backsplashes in public restrooms.

They can be arranged in a single file, as a mosaic, or be used with additional materials (essential when used in flooring 50mm x 50mm).

They add a nice decorative touch of color to previously neutral spaces and are easy to clean. However, glass tile can be fairly expensive to install and maintain.

Because glass is transparent, the adhesive shows through and yellows as it ages, which taints the overall visual appeal. Concrete Tile:

Concrete tile in 50mm x 50mm format can withstand the test of time, making it suitable for bathrooms and high-traffic areas.

Offering brilliant designs, concrete tile options include virtually limitless colors and textures. It doesn’t require much maintenance once it’s sealed and can last up to 100 years.

Unfortunately, concrete has to be resealed about every 3 years, or it will stain easily. It also lacks noise-dampening attributes, often creating an echo, not at all ideal for conference rooms.

It does not hold up well to high impact and can chip if something heavy is dropped on it. Given its hard surface, it may be uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time, making it an impractical option for standing meeting rooms. Advantages of 50mm x 50mm Ceramic Tile in Commercial Spaces:

Here are some simple reasons why ceramic tiles are good options for businesses. Easy Maintenance: When it comes to business flooring options as well as residential options, maintenance is crucial. No one wants to spend more time than necessary on floor maintenance.

Ceramic tiles are easy to care for. Regular maintenance is simple: just vacuum or sweep the floor regularly. All dirt, liquids, and stains are easy to wipe or mop from the ceramic surface.

Design Variety: You can design your ceramic tile in whatever way that you like. If you want to reproduce the look of hardwood in your business foyer or recreate natural stone in your company’s bathroom, your design options are limitless.

You can receive all of the benefits of 50mm x 50mm ceramic with all of the design options of your favorite materials. In addition, proper cutting tools can create ceramic tiles in a variety of sizes and shape options.

Affordable Price: Affordability matters in your commercial space. When it comes to running a business, budget is everything.

You want to make sure that you still have plenty to put into the rest of your business once your flooring remodel is complete. With ceramic, you invest in high-quality flooring with several benefits.

Ceramic 50mm x 50mm tiling can cost you as little as 5 dollars per square, depending on the tile and installation. But for such a hardy option, ceramic tile is one of the most affordable.

Allergen-Free: In a commercial space, you have a variety of employees, clients, and guests that travel through every single day. A large percentage of people also suffer from allergies.

Ceramic tiles have a solid surface that does not hang onto pollen, dust, dirt, or any other allergen. If these particles land on ceramic tile, they are visible enough that you can wipe them away from the surface. Ceramic Tile for Commercial Spaces:

At home or in the office, ceramic tiles are one of the best options for solid, durable 50mm x 50mm flooring that won’t break the bank.

If you need a flooring option that will last through heavy traffic and complement your design elements, then ceramic may be your most versatile option.

It also pairs nicely with other flooring options to create visual and textural boundaries to divide commercial spaces.

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