ceramic tiles vs granite tiles choose according to your need

If you don’t know whether to choose ceramic  tiles vs granite tiles, don’t worry! We understand that selecting the ideal tile according to your need for your project might be challenging when there are so many options available.

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We can assist if you are considering employing tiles in your upcoming home decorating project but are unsure of where to begin. We’ve included some advice, ideas, and inspiration to help you locate the ideal tiles for your upcoming project rather than stressing out about choosing poorly.

Tiles may add a bit of style to any area, but installing them is an enormous task, so choosing them is a big decision. By carefully preparing and thinking through your options, you may filter through the vast assortment and avoid making expensive blunders.

If you’re concerned about selecting the incorrect tiles or aren’t sure where to begin, go to the straightforward instructions below.

Choose the location where you will install your tiles.

If you’re choosing new tiles, you probably already know the room you want to tile. However, the choices don’t end there. Different tiles are appropriate for various spaces. For instance, certain tiles are better suited for floors than walls, while others are better suited for both.

Consider where you want your tiles to go. If your wall is in a location where it is prone to getting scratched, would tiles be a better option than paint?

What impact are you trying to produce in terms of aesthetics? Tiles might give the appearance that a room is larger, but you might prefer something unique and imaginative. If you’re unclear about the style you want, we suggest looking at our Instagram or Pinterest for ideas from prior client projects.

If you’re going for a streamlined, unified look, use the same tile on the walls and the floor.

Pick your colors and textures wisely.

This choice is largely based on personal preference because the colors and textures you employ can significantly alter the design of a room.

If not, then we have some suggestions to help you get started. Your project may already have a color scheme or “style” in mind.

White has always been an excellent choice to give your room a fresh, clean sensation and to make it appear light and spacious. Additionally, they aid in enlarging a tiny space, and matching accessories in various colors are simple to obtain.

Neutrals and natural stone tiles can have a calming impact and create a comfortable atmosphere in your house. Cream, beige, and natural stone tiles are examples of neutrals. They frequently have earthy tones and are simple to mix with soft furniture and accessories.

Darker tiles, whether they be dark grey or black, give a space a more opulent and dramatic appearance. They work well in busy environments since they effectively conceal stains and marks.

Light gray is a common choice for smaller rooms since, like white, it tends to enlarge a space. Grey tiles make a fascinating contrast when used with bright colors.

Glass or metallic materials for a distinctive and glitzier appearance. The grandeur of glass tiles and how they reflect light makes a space feel larger.

Use colorful or patterned tiles to show off your sense of style and personality. Richer colors will provide drama and depth, but brighter colors tend to open up a space.

Consider the color of the grout you’ll use with your tiles. For a seamless appearance, choose a grout color that matches or comes close to the tile’s color. Alternately, choose a contrasting color or darker grout for a finish that will stand out.

Select the scale and size.

Sometimes overlooked when planning a room’s design is how the tile’s dimensions will affect the overall look and feel.

As a general rule, stick with bigger floor tiles and smaller wall tiles when it comes to proportions. Using tiles of the same size on the wall and floor also looks good. There are no strict guidelines, but we find that these sizes produce the best outcomes.

Large format tiles are an excellent choice because they give the appearance of more surface area, which helps a room look bigger. Our earlier blog article has further information about large-format tiles.

Smaller or mosaic tiles will offer a better fit and finish when tiling an uneven surface.

We already have a vast selection of tiles that are appropriate for any room or design you have in mind. Use our tile finder to select the ideal tiles for your project if you’re still overwhelmed by your options.

Choose a tile’s substance.

The two main types of tile materials are made of manufactured materials and natural stone. However, there is a lot of variety within these groups, so it’s helpful to understand their attributes and distinctions.

Artificial tiles are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a particular color or texture. In general, man-made tiles are less expensive than natural ones and come in a wide variety of styles.

Since no two natural stone tiles are identical, they offer a distinctive and individual appearance. Therefore, they are worth considering if you are not concerned with producing a smooth, uniform finish with a natural feel.

These tile materials come in a wide variety; therefore, we will further break them down below.

porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are known to be among the most popular types available since they are both inexpensive and low-maintenance.

These tiles don’t require sealing and are simple to cut repair, and are waterproof once you add grout.

As was already said, artificial ceramic tiles come in a great variety and wide range. There are ceramic substitutes that have been designed to resemble natural tiles if you enjoy the appearance of actual stone tiles but lack the time or money for the necessary maintenance.

Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain tiles are renowned for their strength and durability due to the production process. They’re a great alternative to ceramic tiles in humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens because they’re less porous and can withstand moisture better.

Porcelain tiles, which come in various stone appearances and are known for their hardness and durability, look fantastic in any space. Additionally, satin or matte finishes are available.

They can be glazed or unglazed. However, if unglazed, sealing and routine cleaning is still necessary.


One of the most well-liked collections of natural stone tiles, with soft earth tones like milk, ivory, and white.

Travertine tiles are relatively substantial stones, yet they are susceptible to chipping. The stone might be vulnerable to stains because it is porous.

Because of this, these tiles are best suited for walls (excluding splashbacks). Therefore, be ready to take proper care of them by routinely cleaning and sealing them.

In our previous blog post, we discussed travertine tiles’ qualities.


A classic tile with distinctive marks that occur naturally and are polished to a high shine. A traditional tile with distinguishing marks that occur naturally and are polished to a high shine.

Marble is a fairly resilient tile, but it may be very slippery when wet; therefore, it might be preferable to use it in dry areas. Before and after repairing, they ought to be sealed, then polished with a gloss finish.

granite tiles

Granite tile flooring has been regarded as a premium material for many years and has been used to decorate the hallways and lobbies of a variety of buildings, including mansions, five-star hotels, and even skyscrapers.

Granite and other forms of natural stone may have illustrious applications; nevertheless, this does not mean that they cannot also be aesthetically pleasing additions to your home. Granite is among the most well-liked options and is one of the toughest and longest-lasting flooring options that you could choose. These beautiful materials are also quite durable and are some of your best options.

Granite is still an excellent choice for use as a flooring material, even though it is more typically associated with countertops and backsplashes. Granite is an excellent choice for you if you want something that is classy and will last for a very long time. It will also be an investment in both your home and your land.

You are well aware that granite is in high demand for the purpose of fabricating high-end, long-lasting, and stunning countertops and backsplashes made of granite.

Any real estate agent will tell you that it is unequaled in its capacity to raise the value you can get for your home when you sell it. This is not just due to the natural beauty of granite, but also to its extraordinary strength and longevity. Granite flooring can be a perfect alternative for creating elegant and upmarket spaces because it offers many of the same qualities homeowners appreciate in granite countertops.

granite tiles

Granite flooring is just one of the many alternatives for natural stone tile flooring that are available to you. Other options include slate, travertine, and marble flooring. You have a lot of options regarding the contemporary flooring goods for your home; you may go with porcelain tile, ceramics, marble, or any other material. Each one of these items is necessary for some situations and offers glaring advantages in others. There is, however, nothing quite like a natural stone when it comes to accomplishing the look of grandeur and sophistication that you are going for.

When you decide to enhance your kitchen with stone flooring, such as Bianco Romano granite, you transform it from a simple area to prepare meals for the family into a showplace that would be worthy of being featured in a magazine.

One can only speculate, but one would think that everything that is cooked and served in a place such as this must also taste better. Your loved ones and visitors may never want to leave this room again.

When considering the installation of granite flooring in their homes, a prevalent concern among homeowners is the potential upkeep that it will require.

Sealing is necessary for all-natural stone because it prevents the stone from collecting moisture and makes it more resistant to stains.

However, this process only requires to be done once a year, and it is not nearly as challenging as it might first appear. Select a product designed for sealing granite, apply it per the guidelines provided by the manufacturer, wait for it until it dries, and then forget about it for another year.

granite tiles

The discomfort that results from walking barefoot on natural stone is another issue of concern. This could be a benefit in warmer climes, but it could be an annoyance during the colder months. In contrast to many other flooring solutions, natural stone can be utilized risk-free with radiant under-floor heating. This is a feature that sets natural stone apart from the competition.

This will not only keep your toes toasty but will also contribute to the overall warmth of the room while using very little energy.

Natural stone has a long lifespan, particularly if it is properly sealed. Granite, on the other hand, stands out as the most durable of the bunch. Because it is resistant to scratches and chipping, it is an excellent option for places that have a lot of foot traffic, active families, and people who own pets. Granite flooring that has been well maintained and expertly placed can last not just decades but a lifetime with the right care.

Have you been aware that you can alter the appearance of your granite flooring by using one of the many different finishes available? Polished granite is quite stunning.

You can get the sophisticated and understated appearance of natural travertine’s matte finish in granite as well, but with the added durability that granite provides. Along with a diverse selection of granite hues, the majority of granite tile products can also be purchased with a brushed or matte finish.

In conclusion, installing granite tile in a home is a good investment because it raises property value. If you really intend to sell your house at any point in the next ten years, it may provide the best return on investment of any remodeling job you can imagine, despite costing more than other flooring options. This is particularly valid if you intend to sell it in the following ten years.

You should read the post again if you’re curious about why this is the case. The fact that a potential home buyer won’t have to replace the flooring for a very long time, if ever, is one of the most desirable qualities in flooring material. Other desirable qualities include its attractiveness, ease of maintenance, and longevity.

Fill out the inquiry form on our website or get in touch with our sales manager for additional information now that you’ve read about the numerous reasons why granite is an outstanding choice for tile flooring.

granite tiles

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