Decorative Vintage Ceramic Tiles, Exquisite Style Suitable for Everywhere

A decorative exquisite style of ceramic tiles which is suitable for almost everywhere is vintage type.

You’ll find lots of designs that are up your alley, regardless matter whether you’re a master of mid-century modern or a hopeless romantic for shabby chic. There is no question that one of the most well-liked trends in interior design right now is the incorporation of vintage elements.

During the course of the previous year, we observed a rise in the number of tile patterns that were of a retro-style due, in large part, to the proliferation of inkjet printing.

Since the debut of this new manufacturing technology, tile designers have had the opportunity to experiment with an increased number of avant-garde and unusual design options than at any other time in the industry’s history. The following are some of our top recommendations:


It is not difficult to understand why one of our most popular collections, Tapestry, was motivated to be created by the Victorian encaustic tiles that served as its inspiration.

The Spanish fashion designer Francisco Segarra, sometimes known as the “King of Vintage,” is responsible for the creation of the line. Because they are made of ceramic, they are the ideal tile to use when designing an eclectic kitchen or bathroom because of their material composition. If you want to give a conventional design a more contemporary feel, you should consider using these tiles instead of others.

Take a look at the main image up above to get an idea of how wonderful Tapestry appears; in that particular photograph, we actually used Instagram.


What do you get when you combine the increasingly trendy wood effect tiles with a retro design? You can acquire tiles such as Life, which are based on the appearance of aged and weathered wood flooring. If you install these tiles in your kitchen, your guests will have the impression that they have been in this space for a very long time.

And the most exciting thing is… Because these tiles are made of glazed porcelain, they are resistant to the effects of weathering, which means that your new floor will continue to look wonderful for a good number of years to come.

Genuine and Original Wood

Because of its narrow format, the distressed floor tile known as Vintage Wood is an excellent choice for use in spaces such as corridors and ensuite bathrooms that are on the smaller side.

Through the use of inkjet printing, we are able to truly mimic the deep tone and color variability that you would expect to discover on salvaged timber floor boards. If you want to get the most out of your retro style while keeping your expenses to a minimum, this tile can be the best option for you.


The tile is so new that it isn’t even available on our website yet, but as soon as we saw the initial samples, we knew it was something spectacular. This tile is so new that it isn’t even listed on our website yet.

Seawood is a product of a tiny design factory in Italy and takes a significant amount of inspiration from the ocean, as its name suggests. You may picture it by imagining sun-faded fishing boats and driftwood that has washed up on a beach. Both of these things are examples of beach debris.

Any floor space with an open concept can benefit from the sophisticated and realistic appearance of this large-format porcelain plank.

Keep a watch out for new additions to our collection, one of which is Seawood, coming very soon!

In September, we will travel to Bologna, Italy, to attend the annual Cersaie tile exhibition in order to discover what’s new in the tile industry and select new tiles for our winter collection. Keep an eye out for our post-exhibition report, which will be published at the end of September. Distressed and vintage tiles are likely going to play an important part once again this year.

This year, one of the most prominent newly emerging trends has been the installation of designer tiles not only on floors but also on walls throughout the entire home. Due to the fact that our Madelain Décor range of retro-style and geometric pattern tiles has just been recently produced, we have a lot of reasons to be excited about it.

There is no doubt that pattern tiles are making a comeback. Despite the fact that it may seem audacious to say so, there is a style that is suited to each and every person.

Whether it be a traditional Victorian plan, a quirky and one-of-a-kind arrangement, or just a minor touch.

Our variety of decorative tiles is a good way to produce a focal point in any space, and they may also bring contrast, curiosity, and a touch of originality to the design. These tiles may be installed in any area to make it look luxurious with very little effort required, which opens the door to an entirely new set of potential applications. With the assistance of our Madelain Décor line, you are able to create jaw-dropping effects in any space, from the wall of the living room to the floor of the bathroom, with a kitchen splashback positioned anywhere in the middle.

extremely aesthetically attractive and traditional wall and floor tiles

Our gorgeous glazed porcelain tiles are not only the best option for classic and country-style rustic design, but they also make a stunning and ageless addition to more contemporary homes.

This makes them a very versatile product. This incredible collection recreates the illusion of hand-made historic tiles, complete with daring geometric designs that are perfectly balanced by soft, delicate contours.

extremely adaptable designer tiles

One of the many attractive qualities of this collection is the great adaptability of the decorative kitchen tiles and designer bathroom tiles in our Madelain Décor line.

These tiles are part of our Madelain Décor range. The pattern that you choose, in order to match your own personal preferences and décor, is easily reproducible. The possibilities are virtually endless, whether you want to blend plain porcelain tiles with vintage-style tiles or use geometric pattern tiles exclusively in a single design. Either way, the options are available to you.

The magnificent Madelain Décor collection comes with four different geometric pattern tiles. These tiles brilliantly incorporate antique colours of soft beige, cream, and grey, all of which contrast very well with dramatic brown and black.

These exquisite ornamental floor tiles would look fantastic as a backsplash, feature wall, or feature floor in the kitchen or bathroom. They may even be used as a rustic work surface in either of those rooms.

Infuse your kitchen or bathroom with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic with our customized vintage map tiles. Please note that sample tiles cost fifteen pounds, and that rates for full orders begin at five hundred twenty pounds per square meter.

If you would like to acquire a sample tile of your vintage map, please click the “Customize” button and then “Add to Cart” to look at the map design options, and then proceed to checkout to provide your delivery information. Please be advised that there is a lead time of three weeks for sample requests.


We are able to provide an installation service for residential properties within a 20-mile radius of our offices in Wimbledon. When you make your inquiry, be sure to specify that you wish to include this service so that we can better assist you.

Earlier maps

We’ve never encountered a person who doesn’t appreciate old maps, thus when we print them on our wares, we exclusively use authentic antique maps as the source material.

Their singular allure and rich history serve as the foundation for each of our goods and are a vital component of who we are. Because of their age, many of today’s maps were made in the 19th century, which means that not all of the place names or locations that we anticipate finding on modern maps will be marked.

When you click through to personalize your product, you will be able to view each and every map that we have in our collection.

Because the original antique maps were digitally scanned and stitched together to cover the UK, you might notice that there are map joints or deterioration in certain parts.

This is because the original maps were being used to cover the UK. We are sorry, but we are unable to update these maps at this time. We suggest, whenever it is possible to do so, that you either place the map in such a way that you cannot see these joins or use a different size that exposes your location because it may distract from the finished product.

The compilation of our global maps, which show the many nations that can be found across the earth, was done using historical atlases. You have the option to enlarge the map to accommodate a certain item and zoom in on the area that is of particular interest to you.

We strongly suggest that you do not include the page borders in your product as they may detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of the product. When it is in our power to do so, we will give customers recommendations regarding the zoom level that works best with their purchase. Take care not to get too close as you zoom in.

Even though the original atlas has been scanned at a high resolution, zooming in too far may cause the map to become pixelated or unclear.

In order to benefit from an up-to-date list of stylish tiles with diverse colors and patterns, do not hesitate to press the con box. We will be glad to work with wholesalers and importers around the world.

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