Export Contemporary 3×12 subway tile

But the export market of this sample of products is very hot and many countries are interested in buying the highest quality ones.

The best way to export 3×12 subway tile is by land, however, you can make your purchase more economical.

Export Contemporary 3x12 subway tile

Effects of exporting 3×12 subway tile on Market

Effects of exporting 3x12 subway tile on Market Tiles are commonly used as flooring for a variety of buildings such as residential, commercial and public buildings.

Ceramic tiles have many advantages that make them a suitable flooring, with wide applications for various buildings.

Ceramic tiles come in a variety of designs and colors that can be unique for wall coverings and floor patterns.

The tile is very strong. Their strength is about 350 to 400 kg per square centimeter, while mosaic cover floors are about 100 to 150 kg per square centimeter.

Tiles are washable as easily as possible and are easier to maintain. They also do not leave stains on them and are resistant to alkaline and acidic environments.

Tiles have a high resistance to abrasion and their hardness on the Mohs scale is about 6-7. This means that even hard materials with sharp edges can not cause many scratches on the ceramic surface.

Ceramics are generally divided into two categories: ceramics that have a glossy surface and their surface ceramics are matte. Types of ceramics can be identified according to the information on their packaging that in general, all ceramics in each type and sample are in 4 categories in terms of quality and they are called grade ceramics We know 1 to 4 degrees.

PEI or degree of wear is a bit on ceramic boxes, but it should be noted that this rating is only for glossy ceramics and is not present in matte ceramics. In principle, the degree of wear of the durability of that ceramic as a floor ceramic shows and it is denoted by aa. You should choose your ceramic PEI depending on your needs, because using a ceramic with a high PEI for a place that is not exposed to wear is wrong and will increase costs.

Degree of water absorption or W.A in ceramics The degree of water absorption in ceramics determines for you whether the ceramic you intend to buy can be used for humid environments or not. These grades classify different ceramics into 4 quality grades in terms of water absorption. The last group, which should naturally have the highest water absorption, absorbs 7% of its weight, the next group 3 to 7%, the next group 0.5 to 3%, and the first group, which has the lowest water absorption, is almost impermeable. It absorbs 0 to 0.5% of its weight in water and is a good option for pools and places where water and moisture should not pass through at all.

best way to export Contemporary 3×12 subway tile globaly

best way to export Contemporary 3x12 subway tile globaly But the export market of this sample of products is very hot and many countries are interested in buying the highest quality ones.

The best way to export tiles is by land, however you can make your purchase more economical.

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