Kitchen Floor Tiles Malaysia Finest and Tidy Appearance

In this article, we are going to talk about kitchen floor tiles in Malaysia. After that we will discuss about having a kitchen that has finest and tidy appearance.

There are many options for covering the kitchen floor, each of which has its own beauty and effect. You can use the ceramic floor in the kitchen to change the decoration of your home.

These ceramics have various designs and functions and are more resistant to water penetration than in the past. Of course, remember that with all the right options to choose from, there are a few important things to consider before you buy.

New ceramic kitchen floorIt is preferable to use natural stone design ceramics for elegant and spacious kitchens. This ceramic model makes the kitchen area comfortable and familiar.

Of course, your environment will be pleasant when the ceramic floor in the kitchen is new and arranged according to the current design and according to special principles.

For example, if you tile one side of the kitchen diagonally in half-square measurements, it is better to tile the other side with rectangular ceramic tiles horizontally. This will make the floors look uneven.

Combining black and white ceramics is a very attractive and creative idea. You’re not always supposed to wear plain, old-fashioned designs.

These days, when it comes to new kitchen tiles, I can think of many options. But it is better to put aside your traditional point of view and be a little more daring. The combination of black and white ceramics with smoked cabinets can create an ideal atmosphere in your kitchen.

The combination of ceramic hob with small diamond tiles is very attractive. Ceramic hobs usually have two and three firing enamels.

It is true that the high gloss of design ceramics in glass can be annoying to the eye, but if your kitchen has a bit of a skylight, this design may be the best option to increase the light in the kitchen area. Of course, by placing dark rhomboid tiles between ceramic hobs, their effect becomes even greater.

The price of the ceramic floor in the kitchen

Fortunately, the variety of ceramic designs for the new kitchen floor allowed us to choose a beautiful design. Remember that you may not be moving house for several years, nor are you in the mood to renovate it. So try to wear trendy designs when you go shopping.

Patterned pottery, which is more commonly used than cubist designs, has a huge market these days and by purchasing it you can grab everyone’s attention in your kitchen for years to come.

These ceramics have overcome all the weaknesses of the previous examples and are now available in stores across the country with a number of unique benefits. However, it is better to consider a few points before buying.

Pay attention to the degree of color

The new ceramics are divided into several different grades in terms of color quality. Today, most ceramics have high-quality colors, but to be safe, only buy first-class samples. For this, it is better to seek help from an experienced person to guide you while shopping.

Pay attention to the degree of water absorptionDue to the high humidity in this environment, kitchen floors must be completely waterproof. Otherwise, they will create a lot of problems for both you and the neighbors below.

Before buying ceramic kitchen flooring, most people are overwhelmed by its beautiful patterns instead of paying attention to the water absorption rating. You should never be fooled by the look of ceramics, so be sure to try them out using different methods when purchasing.

Pay attention to the slip rateThe next criterion for determining the quality of ceramics is attention to its smoothness. The greater the sliding capacity of ceramic tiles, the lower its friction. In such a way that the risk of slipping of people is greatly increased. Slippery ceramic is suitable for walls, so never buy slippery ceramic for your kitchen floor where it moves constantly.

Pay attention to the degree of wearThis rating is for matte ceramic and does not include glossy ceramic. Since glazed ceramics have a glaze coating, they have a transparent and slippery surface. This has reduced its abrasion rate greatly, but the matte samples have a higher abrasion rate due to their weak coating.

Ceramic floors are one of the most important materials for the beauty of the home environment. So if a house does not have ceramics, it will have a very low value. Because today no one can imagine houses without ceramic or ceramic parquet.

Metal tiles for kitchenMany manufacturers can make metal tiles to use as stone for kitchen walls. Although many builders claim that these materials are fire resistant, it is preferable to use metal tiles for the wall behind the gas because it is safer.

In most kitchens, the distance between the worktop and the floor of tall cabinets is about 45 cm. Therefore, it is better to use 60cm metal tiles and cut them into tile pieces. For the gas back, solid tiles may be more suitable.

These metal tiles can be fixed to the wall in different ways. But the best way is to use epoxy glue. Also nail every six inches with a nail gun.

Self Adhesive Ceramic Tile The old self-adhesive tiles were heavy and difficult to stick to the wall. But today’s shingles are more innovative and have solved this problem.

These tiles are like a mosaic and measure 30 x 30. But you can cut it to the size you want. The cover behind the ceramic is removed, and the ceramic is glued to the wall. Once installed, you must take care of them like any other ceramic.

Although initially this type of ceramic was less popular, today these self-adhesive ceramics are very popular and many manufacturers are preparing them.

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