Kitchen Floor Tiles Price in Kerala Factors to Consider When Buying

Today, in this article, we are going to provide you with information about the price of kitchen floor tiles in Kerala. After that, I will tell you the details and important points about factors to consider when buying tiles.

kitchen tiles In addition to frequent water splashes, kitchen tiles must also withstand heavy use and other harsh uses. Fortunately, tile offers you wider options in kitchen design, while offering unmatched durability.

Below are the most popular types of tiles used in the kitchen:

  • Vinyl
  • Porcelain
  • ceramic
  • natural rock
  1. Vinyl tiles

Among the most popular kitchen floor tile ideas, vinyl tiles offer the most durability and the most variety of designs.

With a variety of colors from white, gray to brown, vinyl makes your choice easy and allows you to have the best design. In addition, vinyl tile is waterproof and low maintenance and does not stain as a result of frequent spills.

What makes vinyl kitchen floor tiles the ideal choice for kitchen flooring? However, its softer nature is underfoot. Because of this, you can stand on vinyl flooring for long hours without succumbing to foot pain.

Moreover, vinyl tiles are affordable, costing from 37 to 200 rupees per square foot.

  1. Chinese tiles

Although many classify porcelain among ceramic tiles, porcelain has a stronger and cleaner surface and also exhibits a lower rate of water absorption. In this way, porcelain offers a wider range of services and is easier to maintain.

Like ceramics, porcelain has a glazed and unglazed option for every tile construction. Unlike unglazed options, smooth options offer a wider design and color selection.

When choosing porcelain vessels, it is very important to make sure that they are non-slip, thus preventing spilled liquids from sliding on the floor. Chinese kitchen tiles cost an average of 50 to 600 rupees per square foot, depending on the design of the tiles.

  1. Ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor

When it comes to versatility, the ceramic floor is the undisputed leader. Because of its success on bathroom floors, ceramic has been proven to withstand high humidity without chipping or mold.

Due to their high resistance to water and chemicals, ceramic tiles are easier to clean and retain their texture for a longer period of time. Like porcelain, ceramics are available in a wide variety of designs at an affordable price range.

Ceramic tiles cost from 40 to 600 rupees.

  1. Natural stone tiles

While stone tiles are not standard on kitchen floors, they are incredibly durable.

Due to their quality of construction, stone tiles require professional installation and therefore incur a higher cost. Since stone tiles are porous, it is necessary to coat the surface frequently to prevent water from seeping into the tiles.On an average, stone tiles cost between 100 and 300 rupees per square foot.

Some factors to consider when buying kitchen floor tilesWhen looking for kitchen floor tiles, it is important to pay attention to the following points.

Sink – Like the bathroom, the kitchen is subject to water leaks that can cause damage. To avoid this, make sure your tiles have enough grip to allow you to walk on slides without slipping.

Visual Appeal – To make your kitchen attractive, make sure the color and pattern of your tiles match the color and provide a vibrant color scheme. However, for the countertop, consider tiles that have a darker shade to cover potential stains and oils.

Ease of Cleaning: Due to the nature of dirt that kitchen tiles are exposed to, high maintenance jobs are a headache to clean and are more prone to staining. For a more seamless experience, choose low-maintenance tiles to keep your original design stain-free.

Among the many types of kitchen flooring materials, tile ranks high because it combines durability and style without incurring excessive costs.

All kinds of ceramic tilesUnglazed ceramic: Unglazed ceramic is a ceramic that is used after firing in an unglazed kiln.Glazed ceramics: These are ceramics that have a glaze coating, which makes them more resistant to water penetration.

Porcelain Ceramic Tile: Porcelain tile is one of the types of strong ceramic tiles and has good durability. Porcelain has a layer of enamel. Porcelain tile is thicker than other ceramic tiles and is suitable for flooring.

Ceramic tile: This type of ceramic is usually produced in large dimensions and is a type of porcelain ceramic that is mainly used in luxury constructions. It is one of the most expensive types of ceramics, which also has high installation costs.

Antibacterial ceramic: It is a type of ceramic that uses nanotechnology in its production. When shopping for antibacterial ceramic tiles, keep in mind that the only difference between them and other types of tiles is their self-cleaning properties, so they don’t need to be washed. Therefore, it is a good choice for hospitals.

Miniature ceramics: they are of small dimensions that are usually placed on a single plate and are suitable for use in curved positions.

Acid-resistant ceramic: a kind of ceramic that is resistant to acids and acidic detergents and does not lose its strength due to washing and abrasion, and has a high price.

Granite Ceramic Tile: Granite tile is fired at high temperature and has high strength. Granite tiles are more expensive than porcelain tiles. Granite’s water absorption is lower than porcelain and is suitable for environments such as bathrooms.

Earthenware: It is a type of pottery made from clay of certain regions. The appearance of earthenware is attractive to many, but this type of pottery has pores and may not have good resistance to water penetration. 3D ceramic tile: It is a new type of ceramic tile that looks great with the optical error it creates.

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