Kitchen wall Ceramic Tiles bulk Price

Kitchen wall tiles and ceramics are very diverse. And in the reputable distribution centers of these items, the classification of ceramic tiles is done based on the quality degree, dimensions, appearance, etc.

Today, many major distribution centers for ceramic tiles, do part of their business activities through reputable Internet sites.

Which is welcomed by buyers. In direct supply through face-to-face purchase method and online purchase method, wall tiles price will be provided to the applicants with the bulk purchase price due to the elimination of intermediaries.

Kitchen wall Ceramic Tiles bulk Price

How to choose Kitchen Ceramic design?

How to choose Kitchen Ceramic design? One of the most important parts of any home is the kitchen. And most of the housewives spend time in this place.

Therefore, it is necessary that the kitchen space, in addition to order and cleanliness, has a remarkable beauty.

That is why the design of kitchen ceramics is so important.

There are tiles in the market today in different designs and colors that, in addition to beauty, have high strength

and durability against washing. And are waterproof. The purchase of kitchen ceramic tiles is done in a variety of new and old designs.

Undoubtedly, categorizing the tiles and ceramics available in the market in terms of design and model is a very difficult

and time consuming task. But some sellers divide these products into several general categories:

• Plain white or black ceramic tiles

• Simple colored ceramics

• Classic patterned ceramics

• New and modern design ceramics

• Old model ceramics Each of these designs is also very diverse and unique.

And have their own uses. But it seems that most people are looking to buy ceramic tiles in modern and new designs.

Because these designs are more in harmony with the decoration of new

Effects of Ceramic tiles design on price

Effects of Ceramic tiles design on price The ceramic tile industry is under the umbrella of the interior design industry.

Therefore, the design on the tile and the technology behind it play a big role in the price of ceramic tiles.

Almost every tile has a variety rating (from V1 to V4). Which shows how much variety there is from tile to tile.

V1 – No change, any tile It looks exactly the same.

V2 – Minor or subtle changes, tiles are relatively compatible.

V3 – Great variety, whether in color or design.

V4 – Impressive variety, like many slate porcelain tiles .

While high consistency (rank V1) is a desirable feature for monochrome tiles,

tiles designed like stone or wood are more versatile, more natural, and more attractive.

Because more variety in ceramic tile design requires more advanced technology, these tiles are usually more expensive.

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