Know about ceramic tile kitchen floor Price

ceramic tile kitchen floor

Ceramics are generally divided into two categories: ceramics that have a glossy surface and their surface ceramics are matte. Types of ceramics can be identified according to the information on their packaging that in general, all ceramics in each type and sample are in 4 categories in terms of quality and they are called grade ceramics We know 1 to 4 degrees. The information that is written on the packaging and we must pay attention to it are:

Quality degree


Water absorption rate

Multiplication of friction

Frost resistance

Multicolor of the desired ceramic

The items mentioned in the list above are the items that it is better to pay attention to when buying

What is meant by cold resistance and multicolor in ceramics?

This is a rating that shows the resistance of ceramics or tiles in outdoor and cold spaces. In this case, you should consider this criterion only when you are going to buy ceramics for the outdoor space.

Multicolor is also a grading and is used for times when you want to create a variety of colors in the ceramics of the floor of a large hall to get the space out of uniformity

What is the percentage of lysine in ceramics?

COF is a measure of the slipperiness of ceramics and tiles and determines the resistance of the tile to slippingThe higher the amount, the less friction the soles of the feet of people with ceramics will have, and similarly, if the amount of COF is low, the lysis of your floor ceramics will be higher, so you should consider ceramics with a COF of more than 50 for your home. Select.

Ceramic tiles have different prices due to different designs and variations by manufacturing companies

Yeni The purchase price of a product such as colored kitchen floor ceramics; Quality ; It depends on whether it is simple or patterned

To buy ceramic tiles for the kitchen floor, you need to consider its quality, such as the degree of effectiveness; Rigidity; Polishing, etc. Pay attention and prepare the best according to your expectations

Know about ceramic tile kitchen floor Price

Check the changes in the price of ceramic tile kitchen floor compared to last year

Check the changes in the price of ceramic tile kitchen floor compared to last year

Every year, due to rising prices, the production of products is offered at a higher price, and this includes kitchen ceramics, but the price increase will be at a favorable percentage so that consumer purchasing power does not decrease and producers face problems such as lack of demand. Do not lose the buyer

And this can alleviate some of your price concerns

You can find out the price increase by visiting the site of the sellers’ guild

Affordable prices in wholeslae ceramic tile kitchen floor market

Affordable prices in wholeslae ceramic tile kitchen floor market Basically, buying any product at a wholesale price is cheaper than buying a single or a small number

By referring to manufacturing factories or companies and agreeing on a price, you can get the product you want at a low price

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