Limestone Floor Tiles to Consider and Stay on Budget

Here are some things to consider when choosing limestone for your floor tiles, the wide varieties of limestone you should think about, and most significantly, how to buy limestone and stay on a budget.

Limestone flooring: what is it?

Did you know there are various varieties of limestone flooring, with some varieties being more durable than others?

Calcite and aragonite are two calcium carbonate-containing minerals that are combined to form limestone, a sedimentary rock.

Travertine, which resembles a rock; oolitic, which has elevated sections that resemble blobs; and fossiliferous, which has visible fossil bits are among the several varieties.

The color of limestone can range from light white to light yellow hue. The irons, non-calcium biological residues, clay or sand grains, and darker stones are the result of these elements. Limestone that is quite dark is also available.

Choosing a darker shade of limestone flooring in high-traffic areas makes sense because, generally speaking, whiter limestones are less durable than darker stones.

When choosing a flooring surface for heavy foot traffic areas, durability is a crucial consideration. Thankfully, limestone is highly resilient.

Additionally, it can be coated with sealers to help safeguard the tile’s surface, keep it free of stains, and make the flooring easier to clean.

Limestone flooring can be put outside in addition to offering a beautiful natural surface within. When laid out in this fashion, it can link the home and garden in a gorgeously seamless way.

You must ensure that the limestone is frost resistant and determine whether a thicker format is available in order to achieve this fashionable effect. You should also take into account any additional maintenance.

Color is an important factor in any situation, both aesthetically and in terms of upkeep. For a high usage location, like a crowded hallway, choosing very light, uniform-colored limestone flooring will make marks stand out more. Consider a warmer hue with color variety to hide paw prints and boot prints if you want to save maintenance!

Because it works so well with underfloor heating, limestone flooring continues to be a popular choice for flooring.

Flooring Made of Limestone: Types & Finishes

There are several factors to consider when it comes to limestone flooring treatments, starting with the various tile edge options. It may seem like a little element, yet it may drastically alter the appearance. The principal choices comprise:

Square edge

Tiles with square edges are perfect for a clean, modern appearance.

Tumbled edge

Limestone tiles with a tumbled edge have a vintage appearance.

broken corner

Limestone flooring with broken edge tiles has a less straight edge.

Pillowed edge

Tiles with a rounded and softened edge are frequently found on flagstones.

Chamfered Edge

a “grooved” edge is used to prevent chipping in some stones; it provides flooring a clean, contemporary appearance and is more frequent in marble but can also be seen in limestone.

The limestone flooring’s real surface is the next factor. Options consist of:

Smooth tiles with a honed polish.

The stone’s color tone will be softer, and the surface will be slightly rougher with tumbled tiles, which are ideal for an older appearance.

Browse our selection of tumbling limestone, which may be used with any underfloor heating system;

Tumbled limestone from the past

tumbled limestone for oratories

brushed limestone with a historical feel (ideal for outdoor use)

Abbey limestone in tumbling

Flooring Made of Limestone: Types & Finishes

tiles made of brushed limestone

Applying texture using a brush produces non-slip properties, making it perfect for outdoor use or in wet locations.

There are more options than ever for outdoor tiles and pavers; here are the advantages and disadvantages of using real stone vs. porcelain for patios.

Limestone that has been acid-treated will etch into the surface and bring out the color for an aged appearance.

limestone with sandblasting

A honed tile’s color is softened by the chalky look that sandblasting produces.

Browse our selection of limestone tiles that have been sandblasted; both our heritage and shire tiles may be fitted over underfloor heating;

Heritage limestone with sandblasting and brushing

gleaming limestone

To give the stone more of a sheen, polishing is occasionally done on limestone flooring. However, it is more frequently done on marble.

Size and fashion

You must now take into account the size of each tile in your limestone flooring after deciding on the edge style and surface treatment.

tiles made of brushed limestone

What kind of appearance are you after? A random pattern or a more structured one? It may be worth thinking about using smaller-sized stones to make up for an uneven subfloor. Larger-format limestone flooring tiles will have fewer grout lines and a more modern appearance if you don’t have any difficulties addressing them.

When a style is carried through doorways, it creates a seamless appearance and increases the sense of space. Lay your limestone flooring tiles lengthwise, facing the source of light, to create this look in small hallways.

Along with knowing how to measure your floor for limestone precisely, you will also need to consider the size of the room or area you are tiling.

keeping to a budget

What is the best type of limestone flooring to buy in order to stay within your budget? It will be less expensive if distinctive hand-worked finishes are avoided.

Origin can also have an impact; European stones tend to cost more than limestone flooring purchased from farther away, but it makes environmental sense to buy from our neighbors. Due to the fact that material can only be obtained in particular-sized blocks, really large sizes can also prove to be more expensive.

Timing is the last and most crucial factor. Give yourself enough time to select the ideal kind of limestone flooring for your residence.

Once it is taken down, it will (hopefully) remain there forever. You might want to live with a few floor sample tiles for about a week. Some limestone flooring, particularly heavier formats for outdoor use, might only be available via special order. Plan ahead, carefully consider all of your options and select the finish that is ideal for you.

keeping to a budget

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