Luxury wood look ceramic tile Producer

wood look ceramic tile

wood look ceramic tile is a type of ceramic or tile whose design and appearance is very similar to tree wood. Wood ceramic tiles can be used as flooring in buildings. In addition, unlike parquet tiles and ceramics, wood tiles can be used in walls and facades.

Using this tile creates a very beautiful appearance on the floor or facade of the building and brings you a sense of naturalness. This feature makes fans of rustic and wooden styles choose this type of tile for use in their home or workplace.

Luxury wood look ceramic tile Producer

Is wood look ceramic tile too trendy?

Is wood look ceramic tile too trendy? Installing wooden design tiles in the house has many advantages such as easy cleaning, easier maintenance and care, as well as the possibility of easy installation and its reasonable price compared to parquet. Unlike parquet, ceramics are more resistant to moisture, water penetration and pollution and do not cause noise when moving. For this reason, it has many fans today.

Parquet design ceramic is a suitable alternative for people who want to enjoy the beauty of parquet design and ceramic resistance together. In other words, if for any reason it is not possible to install parquet in your home space, you can easily implement the idea of ​​installing ceramic parquet design for the floor of the building.

Wood and ceramic tiles Parquet design is produced with the aim of combining parquet design with ceramic tiles and can be installed for places where parquet is rapidly damaged due to climate change. The idea of ​​wood ceramic model is very useful for people who are interested in using wood in home decoration.

wholesale centers to buy luxury wood look ceramic tile

wholesale centers to buy luxury wood look ceramic tile There are several factors in determining the price of wood design ceramics, the most important of which are the following:

Ceramic manufacturer and brand:

The more luxurious and famous brand you use, the higher the price of Sheka ceramics. Meanwhile, foreign companies have higher prices than Iranian brands due to fluctuations in currency prices, transportation costs, customs

Raw materials and manufacturing quality:

]It is natural that the higher the manufacturing quality of a product, the higher its price.

Effect and naturalness of the design:

Any size of ceramic made close to the real color of the wood indicates great care and the use of special materials in its construction, which can increase its price.

You can buy wood or parquet products in person or in person. That is why there are various stores that offer products in absentia. For this reason, many major buyers of wood design ceramics initially think of buying in person so that they can choose the product with more patience.

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