Onyx Effect Ceramic Tiles to Have an Opulent Distinctive Look

Look no farther than our selection of onyx effect ceramic tiles if you want to have your house an opulent, distinctive look.

You can bring the beauty of real onyx tiles into your house without the high cost by choosing from a variety of sizes and dreamy colors in our range of onyx impression tiles.

Our onyx look porcelain wall and floor tiles are ideal for creating a genuine sense of luxury in upscale kitchens, traditional living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Discover the ideal alternative for your ideal home interior makeover by browsing our entire selection of onyx effect tiles online right now.

Why use onyx effect tiles?Onyx tiles brilliantly exhibit the beauty of nature by having eye-catching, distinctive veins and patterning in a variety of colors, giving interiors a wonderfully organic appearance.

In terms of coloring, appearance, and price, onyx stone is comparable to marble, although it might be more delicate and need more upkeep.

The beauty of onyx tiles can also be appreciated without the maintenance thanks to our onyx impression porcelain tiles. These tiles are an attractive and long-lasting option for covering walls and floors around your home.

They have a variety of useful advantages and ultra-realistic aesthetics that mirror the look and feel of onyxYou can profit from a variety of things around your house, such as:

Durability: Our hard onyx look porcelain tiles have exceptional scratch, stain, and impact resistance, making them suitable for managing regular wear and tear on walls and floors.

Water-resistant: Our onyx effect tiles have great water resistance because to the low porosity of porcelain, making them ideal for wet places in the house including bathrooms and kitchens.

Low-maintenance: All of our onyx look tiles have a sturdy, glazed finish, making them simple to clean and restore to their former beauty with only a simple sweep and mop.

Versatility: These lovely onyx-look tiles can be used to create a variety of appearances thanks to the vast range of hues, sizes, and pattern effects that are available. The only difficult part will be selecting the color and style that are best for you.

Your choices for onyx effect tilesAny home interior design project must consider color, and there are many options available when it comes to onyx effect tiles. giving you a range of colors that will enable you to incorporate a variety of decor styles.

Our most popular onyx tile colors include:

White: For a striking monochromatic look in the kitchen, use white onyx tiles on the walls and floors together with grey or black accents.

Keep your interiors timeless with cool, adaptable grey onyx effect tiles that go with a variety of accent colors, from somber to silvery tones.

Black: By using black onyx bathroom tiles, you may add a dash of drama and glitz to your regular bathing.

Green: Use green onyx wall and floor tiles to offer your home a strong connection to nature and to create a calming, tranquil environment.

Brown: Brown onyx effect porcelain tiles, finely polished with gold or brass fixtures, advocate classic decor styles in shades ranging from mild beige to deep, earthy tones.

Pink onyx wall tiles are elegant and cozy, and they look great in fun bathroom designs with a walk-in shower, glass screens, and brushed chrome.

Blue: Use onyx tiles in blue hues that recall the sky and ocean to create a relaxing, tranquil ambiance when utilized on walls or floors to let nature inspire your interior design.

Your finished onyx tile

There are many various tile finishes available so you can obtain the perfect finished look for your home makeover.

Make a choice from:

Onyx tiles that have been polished can give rooms a larger, brighter sense thanks to their brilliant, light-reflecting surface, but constant cleaning is required to keep them appearing clean and gleaming.

These tiles are perfect for high-traffic areas of the home since they have a durable diamond finish that lessens the impacts of normal wear and tear.

Matte: use this finish for a more modern appearance. Because of the exquisite workmanship in the tile design, onyx effect tiles provide walls and floors a duller finish that adds texture and depth.

sizes of your onyx tiles

When executing your ideal house interior design, the size of your tile also important.

Large onyx wall tiles, for instance, will leave fewer grout lines in a tiny room, giving the impression that the space is larger. On the other hand, putting smaller tiles in large spaces will help to add character and interest to the room.

The following size variations are available for our onyx tile selection:

  • 42.7cm x 86.2cm
  • 30cm x 90cm
  • 60cm x 60cm
  • 45cm x 90cm
  • 60cm x 120cm

Style suggestions for onyx tiles in every spaceAre you unsure of the ideal location for onyx tiles in your living area?

The good news is that our selection of onyx effect tiles offers a wide variety of style possibilities for any room in the house.

Here are some fashion suggestions to get you motivated:

The bathroom can be given a dazzling makeover in homage to the Art Deco movement by using onyx bathroom tiles.

The kitchen: Matt onyx floor tiles are a beautiful and functional complement to kitchens. Better traction will be provided by the matte finish, and the onyx detailing will give the surface a premium appearance that conceals use on a daily basis.

The living area should be transformed into a tranquil retreat with a hint to nature using soft, grey onyx floor tiles, a plush pile rug, and an abundance of soft furnishings.

Give visitors a warm greeting in the hallway by using rosy pink onyx effect floor tiles, which are perfect for high-traffic areas and still provide effortless flair.

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