patterned floor tiles in any color for any home improvement

Whether a wall or floor is square, hexagonal, or a different shape, there is a patterned tile to match! You may choose patterned tiles in any color, such as pink, beige, blue, brown, or green. Outstanding, refined, and adaptive. Porcelain tiles are ideal for any home improvement project.

They are available in a number of designs and colors, may be put on practically any surface, including walls and concrete floors, and require less maintenance than alternatives such as hardwood or carpet.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why porcelain tiles are one of the most popular alternatives! With many designers applying it to dramatic effect and journals and websites displaying photographs of modern kitchens mixing floral and geometric themes with confidence and style, the prevalence of bold patterns in our homes is growing.

In a kitchen with a neutral color scheme, patterned floor tiles may be employed to remarkable effect, imparting personality and a relaxed, contemporary atmosphere.

A Victorian-inspired patchwork of geometric and floral design tiles, such as those in the Artisan Tile Series, enhances the beauty of an otherwise simple kitchen with white cabinets, simple-styled furniture, and accessories.

Patterned floor tiles are a popular and distinctive design enhancement that offers more to homes than you may expect. Historically, tiles were erected for their utilitarian purpose rather than their aesthetic value, but today, their functional and aesthetic value are of equal importance.

There is a patterned tile design to complement every home design, whether you’re going for an authentic, Victorian-inspired appearance or a more modern aesthetic. Read the top picks for all the inspiration you need to create the perfect patterned flooring design.

Patterns of Geometry in Tiles

In interior design, geometric patterns are quite popular. Not only do they provide the ideal environment for promoting creativity in the home, but they are also a versatile design choice and come in a variety of patterns, shapes, and finishes.

Numerous styles include squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, and even pyramids. All of which provide an abundance of tiling alternatives that will provide a distinctive aesthetic. Even standard rectangular tiles may be utilized to create a geometric look if they are arranged in a certain manner.

For instance, the exquisite Cuban collection includes tiles with complex geometric designs and a gentle color palette that are excellent for a contemporary home.

You may use the Black Block pattern on its own to adorn the floor of your hallway, as it is a great accent. It may be coupled with deep teal tones and trendy accents for a maximal representation of current fashions.

Tile Patterns of Flowers

Floral tiles are the excellent way to attract attention to your floor. These finely embellished tiles will complement rustic, modern farmhouse, bohemian, and even traditional home design schemes, offering a flooring focal point that evokes nature and enduring beauty. The superb polishing of the Silver Ornate tile from the Havana collection utilizes a calming color palette of light blue, white, and grey hues. The subtle tones function really well across all levels and are a true designer statement.

Hexagonal tile designs

Get down to business with hex appeal! Undoubtedly, the hexagon tile is currently one of the most popular tile designs, and it is also one of our favorites. They let you to create an eye-catching floor design in your home without committing to loud, overbearing patterns. If the floor is comprised of hexagonal tiles, you may easily split the room into sections by modifying the materials and colors. After installing hardwood as the basis material for most transitional flooring, hexagon floor tiles can be utilized to soften the transition and open up the space.

For those eager to adopt the patterned hexagon aesthetic, the lovely new Varadero tiles in Moonlight Matt, Grey Matt, Mint Matt, Rose Matt, and Azure Matt will rejuvenate interiors with geometric design and a muted splash of color. With dazzling brassware, soft color palettes, and a curved freestanding tub, the eye-catching hues in a primary family bathroom look amazing.

The design potential of patterned tiles.

It should come as no surprise that patterned floor and wall tiles will remain popular in 2022, since they are perfect for creating a unique look. If you’re searching for a distinctive and intriguing interior design concept for your house, patterned tiles offer a lot of promise. This unique vintage design choice delivers a substantial level of originality by way of a vast array of colors, patterns, and personalities. Popular tiles are chosen to highlight ornamental aspects such as fireplace hearths and splashbacks and to enhance the visual appearance of your walls and floors.

They may be used to define a theme, add color and form, and express your personal style. Ceramic and porcelain are also significantly more practical than carpet or hardwood flooring.

The positive aspects of patterned porcelain tiles

Patterned tiles are suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens because they are resistant to water damage and do not warp or rot in wet environments. They are also perfect for hallways and porches since they are easy to maintain and clean in areas of your home that receive the most muddy boots. Ceramic, porcelain, and even limestone are renewable and may be mined without causing significant harm to the environment, as is the case with the vast majority of other tiling materials.

Additional benefits of employing tiles

The majority of tiles, especially patterned tiles, are highly hygienic since they do not promote bacterial development. In addition, they cannot collect dust or pollen for those of you whose allergies have worsened. In a warm environment, tiles can maintain a cool temperature and are basically heatproof. In addition, they are noncombustible, thus they will not burn, generate hazardous fumes, or change color when exposed to heat or flames.

This allows you to install an underfloor heating system without fear of accidents or damage. Personalization is the greatest benefit of these tiles overall. Especially when purchased from Tiles and Mosaics, pattern tiles are available in a vast array of shapes and hues, allowing a variety of options.

when to employ patterned tiles

Because they are versatile and flexible, patterned tiles may also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or bathroom. Depending on the kind selected and the desired outcomes, they may be installed on your walls or floors. Only your imagination will determine how they will improve your living environment.

Designs for patterned porcelain tile

The patterned tiles you select should represent your own taste and sense of style. For the wall or floor of your wet room, you may seek out square, grey or blue tiles with repetitive or random patterns. Tiles & Mosaics’ outstanding multipurpose striped hexagon tiles are a terrific choice if you’re seeking for a tile with a certain shape to complement your chosen pattern. These classic, versatile tiles, which can be found on our hexagon tile page at Tiles and Mosaics, are available in a variety of colorful and pastel hues. They offer for a wide range of design options and geometric shapes. Our wall and floor tiles come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to accommodate any budget.

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