polished ceramic tile Price

Polished ceramic tile is one of the types of goods that has various uses. polished ceramic tile is used in the interior and exterior of buildings. This product has different types that have different designs.

There are many manufacturers in all countries around the world that produce polished ceramic tiles in the highest volume with the best raw materials and the most modern equipment. The price of polished ceramic tiles depends on several factors such as the type of ceramic tile, the quality of this product, the amount of purchase and demand, and even the name of the company that produces it. Therefore, this product has different prices that you can contact the relevant experts to find out the prices.

polished ceramic tile Price

Different Type of polished ceramic tile

Different Type of polished ceramic tile Polished ceramic tiles have different types, each of which has unique characteristics and has different applications. In the following, we will describe their types ‌.

  1. Ordinary glossy ceramic tiles. This goods has a simple design and is mostly used for the interior of buildings. Also, this ceramic tile has low impact resistance and is less expensive than other polished ceramic tiles.
  2. Polished ceramic tiles. These new ceramic tiles are polished using different methods, so they have a glossy appearance. Granite stones are used for polished ceramic tiles. Among the characteristics of this type of ceramic tile, we can mention its relatively high impact resistance.
  3. Super polished ceramic tiles. In this type of tiles, due to the use of different polishes to gloss ceramic tiles, it is harder than other types of ceramic tiles and has a high resistance to impact and breakage. The price of this type of ceramic is higher than other ceramic tiles. It can be used in interior and exterior.
  4. Nano-polished ceramic tiles. This type of tile is polished using special materials called nano. This type of ceramic tile is highly resistant to moisture, breakage and impact, and generally to damage. Of course, it should be said that nano-polishing has a short lifespan and after a while it loses its function.

Top polished ceramic tile for construction Markets

Top polished ceramic tile for construction Markets In general, Top polished ceramic tiles are used in high volume construction markets. This is due to the variety of designs as well as its high impact resistance.

As mentioned, this type of ceramic tile has different types, each of which is used in special places. For example, simple polished ceramic tiles are used for the floors of buildings. They can also be used in swimming pools, bathrooms and toilets. Therefore, this product can be purchased and used from manufacturers at a reasonable price.

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