Producer of decorative ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is one of the products and building materials that are produced and marketed in different types such as pool ceramic tiles, wall ceramic tiles and decorative ceramic tiles. The type of tile that is the focus of this article is decorative ceramic tile that is used to cover the bathroom wall and kitchen wall. In the following sections, we will talk in detail about this product and our company, which is a reputable manufacturer of this product.

 Producer of decorative ceramic tile

Steps of production of decorative ceramic tile?

Steps of production of decorative ceramic tile? There are different stages in the production of each product. This is also true for the production of various types of ceramic tiles, including decorative ceramic tiles.

Decorative ceramic tiles, because they have different designs and colors, may be slightly different in the printing and embossing process.

But in general, it should be said that the production process of these products from any model and with any pattern, is more or less the same.

In the production of decorative ceramic tiles, the following steps are performed in order:

Step 1:

Prepare the raw materials needed to make ceramic tiles Tile bodies are usually harvested from different soils in different conditions and from different mines.

These ceramic tiles are made of different raw materials based on their application and role.

Step 2:

Preparation of powder

To prepare the powder from the slurry, you should use a spray dryer or spray dryers. The slurry made in the mills is poured into the slurry tanks, which makes it smooth.

High-pressure pumps then deliver the slurry to a cylindrical chamber called a spray dryer, spraying the slurry into the air.

The slurry is exposed to hot air and heat, and at the end, a soft powder is poured on the conveyor belt under the cylinder.

Step 3:

Shaping or pressing powder

This method is such that the mixture of raw materials, which is in the form of powder with suitable granulation, is pressed in the cavities of the mold and thus takes the shape of the mold.

Step 4:

Drying ceramics and tiles

Step 5:

Perform glazing and appearance corrections

Best decorative ceramic tile to Export

Best decorative ceramic tile to Export There are many factories across the country that produce and distribute a variety of ceramic tile products, including decorative ceramics.

But what matters is which of these producers produces the best product that is suitable for export. Now we have to see what are the characteristics of export decorative ceramics.

These products have high durability and resistance to moisture and water penetration. Their coefficient of friction is standard and has first-class insulation.

The design on them is anti-scratch and although they are small in thickness, they are of high quality.

In addition, these products have different but at the same time reputable brands and have different dimensions and sizes.

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