Ten Nautical Ceramic Tiles Ideas for Every House

Who said beach décor with nautical ceramic tiles was only appropriate for hotel bathrooms? In fact, if you enjoy the way the water makes you feel—the calm, laid-back, secluded atmosphere of nautical life—then don’t wait any longer and try to recreate the look and feel right now in your bathroom with these ten ideas. One of the rooms in every house that is most frequently ignored is the bathroom.

You have a wide range of possibilities, both in terms of patterns and colors. In fact, you are free to explore the area as much as you choose.

The nautical or coastal tile designs are now popular in bathrooms because they are captivating and vibrant. To put it simply, the nautical coastal designs incorporate aspects of water or the sea that are calming to the eyes and give your bathroom an opulent appearance.

Let’s look at some suggestions for nautical bathroom tiles.

Paver tiles

The beach isn’t the only place for pebbles. Keep it neutral with colors that are inspired by sand, but go maximalist with pebbled floor tile.

Although the color blue is the one that immediately comes to mind when discussing nautical themes, you don’t have to stick to it.

Other elements that define a beach or a coast can be incorporated. Take the pebbles, for instance. Whether you use them as an accent or the primary feature, their wonderful grey and brown tone will blend well with any color scheme you select.

The bathroom tiles come in a variety of themes that fall under the heading of nautical designs. In this situation, pebble tiles can be found online, where you can install durable bathroom tiles on the walls and floors of your bathroom.

Coastal Feel

A day at the beach should feel like every day.

You can choose patterns that are more complex than the typical patterns found to capture the beach or undersea vibe perfectly.

For your floor or bathroom backsplash, we offer anti-skid textured tiles. These have the most natural feel to them, thanks to the pebbles, fish, and underwater vegetation. They are made of ceramic with a matte finish, which preserves the grip and durability of the tiles.

Due to their low care needs, you don’t have to spend all of your time and energy cleaning them. A wet mop and some regular laundry detergents are all you need.

Rocks and Sand

You can choose between two shading schemes that match the nautical-themed bathroom tiles instead of sticking with a monochromatic bathroom.

Any beige or ivory-colored tile from our extensive selection of bathroom tiles can be used to simulate sand in a bathroom. Choose glossy, grey tiles with a marble design to reflect the stones on the sea for the walls. These tiles don’t need as much upkeep as other tiles because of their low water absorption rate.

Tiles with a Beach Hut Theme

Most beach bungalows are made of wood and are painted in vibrant colors. It’s not necessary to stick to conventional hardwood colors.

You can choose from a variety of colors for beach huts because they are vivid and solid-colored, including blue, yellow, green, and others. You can select any timber tile from our collections to mimic the look of real beach huts.

Bathroom with nautical style

You can even go as far as putting appropriate nautical accessories into your house to evoke the sea theme further.

Stone tiles with the appearance of an exposed brick wall are an option for the walls. The stone tiles can withstand humidity and water exposure and have a low water absorption rate. A stone tile called EHM Stacked Stone White will work well in a bathroom with a maritime theme.

Pro Tip: Add a floater or an old, vintage-style trunk to hold your bathroom accessories rather than the customary organizers or trays.

Blue Mosaic

When it comes to a bathroom, you cannot discuss mosaic tiles. They are incredibly strong and quite simple to maintain.

You may easily make your own pattern because of their various sizes. Create your own design on the wall or even the floor using any of the blue mosaic tiles.

Noteworthy Dolphins

Without allusions to aquatic life, a nautical or coastal-themed bathroom is lacking. Dolphins are among the most adored animals there; you may use the dolphin-themed highlighter tiles. If you’re looking for a theme, you may also use these in the children’s restroom.

Wall Accent

Why only use accent walls in living spaces and bedrooms? You may also bring that inside your bathroom. You can add a splash of color to one wall by using blue tiles while keeping the other three walls white. As a result, the atmosphere is more distinctively coastal and attracts attention to that particular wall.

Either the washing sink wall or the wall facing the bathtub are options. To keep the color scheme uniform and subtle, you can also decide to use those tiles on the floor.

Bright and New

Focus on the color as the theme’s core element and design the space accordingly if you don’t want to go crazy with the theme.

Choose a glossy color of blue or green and apply it to the wall. Glossy surfaces reflect light, so as long as light hits them, the room will stay light and airy.

Colors that Pop

Blue is the hue that is most closely associated with a nautical motif, but you may take a step back and use it in a different, more imaginative way.

On the floor, you can choose vibrant hues like orange or yellow, while the simple, green tile is on the walls.

A bathroom may be a terrific place to put your imagination to the test; if you do it well, the room will be the talk of the neighborhood.

But first, the necessities must be addressed, such as safety with anti-skid tiles and germ-free tiles to prevent the growth of bacteria that depend on moisture as well as durability and longevity.

The good news is that our bathroom tile selection largely satisfies all needs, including the design element. You must now choose the option that best fits your space!

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